You have found (stumbled upon?) the website of one John Shedletsky. A curious character with disparate interests. I do not know what you have come here to find, but here are some options:



Shedletsky's Random Bits: A Weblog

Perhaps you are looking for blatherings on completely random topics. You are, after all, on the internet. So I suppose you might be looking for those. There's always the chance that you are not on the internet, however, and that you asked your secretary to print out my entire website for your offline perusal. If this is the case, you are an ecocriminal. Shame on you.



Maybe you are actually looking for ROBLOX, but there was a google search with some typos involving a cat attacking your keyboard and somehow you ended up here. I'm the creative director at ROBLOX and the reason why this site hasn't been updated much since I graduated from college is that most of the time I spend sitting in front of a computer, I spend working on ROBLOX. It's a unique multiplayer game where players build the levels and everything is customizable.


Witherwyn: Adventures in the Infinite Realm

There's a small chance that you are looking for my C# roguelike, Witherwyn. Once upon a time, I was active in the newsgroup, but this project has largely become the victim of my afforementioned gainful employment.


Fimbulwinter Chess Program

Ah, I know. You are looking for information on Fimbulwinter - the twilight of the Norse gods - the long winter before the onset of Ragnarok, the end of creation.

During high school and college I spent a fair amount of time working on this chess engine, which I know some people still run in computer chess touraments. It will probably crush you because you have only meat in your head to think with.

Kulture Korner


Kulture Korner

Ok. You're almost out of luck. Unless, that is, if you are looking for my page where I mirror creative commons or free to distribute media - games, poetry, music, etc.


Ok. So if none of that is what you are looking for, here's some of my ancient stuff from high school and college. I only leave it up here because I know it's linked from elsewhere and maybe someone really needs to find source code from some of my high school era projects. Ha.

Very Old Stuff